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30 years
Fall 2011, Vol. 27, 1 & 2

Fiction: Tatjana Soli, The War Tourist
Non-Fiction: Anis Shivani, Interview with Ken Auletta
Poetry: J.T. Barbarese, Cartouche
April 15

Spring 2011, Vol. 26, No. 3

Fiction: Joyce Carol Oates, Mudgirl Saved by the King of the Crows. 
April 1965.
Fiction: Charles Simic, The True Adventures of Franz Kafka's Cage 
Poetry: John Matthias, The Baronesses

Fall 2010, Vol. 26, Nos. 1 & 2

Fiction: Joyce Carol Oates, Mudgirl in the Land of Moriah
Non-Fiction: Anis Shivani, The MFA/Creative Writing System Is a Closed, Undemocratic, Medieval Guild System That Represses Good Writing
Poetry: Billy Collins, Literary Magazines

Spring 2010, Vol. 25, Nos. 2 & 3
25th Anniversary Issue

Fiction: George Williams, Arkadelphia
Poetry: David Kirby, Talking About Jesus with Little Richard
Symposium: Under- and Overrated Musicians
Fall 2012, Vol. 28, 1 & 2

Fiction: Michael Nye, A Fully Imagined World
Poetry: Billy Collins, Elusive
After the Funeral
Poetry: Charles Harper Webb, House Hunting
Non-fiction: Geoffrey BentThe Virtuoso
Frank Wilson, Time Crystals
Spring 2012, Vol. 27, 3

Fiction: Stephen Dixon, The Dead
Julia Elliot, Shooting the Horses
Non-Fiction: Josip Novakovich, Balkan Express
Poetry: Brian Simoneau, At a Horeshoe Bend in the Rogue
Andrew Hudgins, Johnny

Spring 2013, Vol. 28, 3
Table of Contents

Fiction: Joseph D. Haske, Smelt
Segun AfolabiHalimah
Poetry: Albert Goldbarth,
The Stories of My Friends and Yours
The Amber Light
Non-Fiction: James Nolan, Sixty-Eight

Fall 2013, Vol. 29, 1 & 2
Table of Contents

Fiction: B. A. Newmark, Be Strong, Be Brave
Fiction: Patrick Nathan, To Francine Mavencamp of Tallahassee, FL 
Poetry: Gerald Stern, Daisy
At Last
Poetry: Daniel Bourne, Another Dream on the Border of the Old and New World

Spring 2014, Vol. 29, 3
Table of Contents

Fiction: Joyce Carol Oates, High-Crime Area
Poetry: Christopher Robley, Second Honeymoon
Displacing Keeps the Thing
Cause and Effect, Plus the Music of Miles Davis'
Second Great Quartet
Poetry: Wendy J. Herbert, Before the Bonfire
Non-fiction: Geoffrey Bent, Falling Out of Love with Vertigo

Fall 2014, Vol. 30, 1
Table of Contents

Fiction: Terrance Manning, Jr., Andretti in El Camino
Poetry: Jehanne Dubrow, House of the Small Dictatorship
Poetry: Michael Derrick Hudson, The Garden of Eden 
and the Trilobite
Non-fiction: Josip Novakovich, Two Number One

Spring 2015, Vol. 30, 2 & 3
Table of Contents

Fiction: J. T. Barbarese, The Vampire Colloquium Vampire
Brigitte Leschhorn, The Devil Has No Shadow
Poetry: Billy Collins, Perspective
Poem to the First Generation of People to Exist After the Death of the English Language
Non-fiction: Symposium: TV vs. Film
(John Dalton, Rex Baird, Shanie Latham, Jeremy Kaufman, Michael Nye, Michael Yang, Nicole Clark, Paul Grimstad)

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